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How it all Began

Hard Times; Soft Couch

Hard Times; Soft Couch

“Well, kids, it was the summer of 2008, see, and I had finally quit the job that I had hated for almost 3 years…”


 That’s how my story to my grandkids will start. I will go on to mention that my intuition may have been a bit off considering I quit a well-paying, albeit miserable, job roughly 2 months before the Great Depression Part Deux.

The following excerpts are bits and pieces of my journey since then. From job hunting, to interviewing, to awkward temp jobs, to eating ramen noodles again…this should cover the highlights…or lowlights if you will…


Philippians 4:11-13

 11Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. 12I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. 13I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

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  1. Jason permalink
    01-16-09 5:35 pm

    You are hilarious. (My sympathetic comment for you:) Someone as witty as you will find a good job soon. Seriously!

  2. bi5ket permalink
    01-16-09 5:51 pm

    My name is Bisket, and I’m a dog. I am also unemployed. So I write a blog too! You should check it out. Also, in case you cared, my favorite AD character is GOB.

  3. 01-16-09 6:38 pm

    I too was recently unemployed in the Chicago area, and I feel your pain! This blog is pretty funny, thanks for helping kill the monotony of office work!

  4. 01-16-09 7:20 pm

    I love the site, too funny…well not the reality of if that you can’t find a job. Don’t give up though many people have been where you been and come through it and if you stay strong so will you. I myself have had to take a step back and regroup before charging ahead. Good Luck!

  5. Fellow Jobless Gal permalink
    01-16-09 7:39 pm

    Oh the lowlights! Being unemployed and in your 20’s makes you cynical. Really. My friend has $50,000.00 in student loans. My suggestion? Let them take the darn degree back( it isn’t helping anyway) and pardon those student loans. Apparently even when you file bankruptcy the student loans are here to stay. Good luck to all of us at landing the ab fab job we deserve.

  6. ponderingamphibian permalink
    01-16-09 7:46 pm

    I too quit my horrible job last month (December 2008) that I was at for a year and a half…i know your pain, frustration, and sarcasm.

  7. Ray permalink
    01-16-09 8:29 pm

    If you have a job DO NOT QUIT no matter how miserable it is !!!

    Old saying never more true than today ” The best way to get a job is to have one”

  8. Caroline permalink
    01-16-09 11:08 pm

    Sometimes the right thing isn’t always the “right” decision….I did the same thing last summer and never looked back. The road has been rocky, but someone as funny and gifted as you are will land on their feet. Hang in there.

  9. Jorge permalink
    01-17-09 5:31 pm

    Ha, love the blog. I can sympathize with you. I am sitting in my cube working as a temp for a biomedical engineering facility, it’s painful. fortunately, they are relocating, so i’ll be out of a job, hooray! … well, i’m sure it won’t be too long before i start up my unemployment blog, for the time being, i’ll enjoy reading your stuff. sometimes comedy is the only thing we have.

  10. 01-19-09 2:37 pm

    Love your humor. As a baby boomer, I enjoy reading comments from younger generations about all the goofy things management does that often don’t make any sense. I also wanted to let you know that I have launched a website on which I offer a free 126 page book on writing resumes and cover letters from an info marketing perspective. With your quick wit and writing style, I’m sure you would be able tweak your resume enough to at least land some interviews and get you out of temp-hell.

  11. Etchgirl permalink
    01-19-09 3:16 pm

    Hello. I too can sympathize with you. But I feel much worse. I’m 42 and I STILL don’t have full time employment. I did for a few years (working for the Corporate Overlord (who really didn’t like me anyway, but kept me on because they couldn’t find anyone to work for the pay), but a natural disaster ended that nightmare. After doing the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, I decided to change careers and, after 6 years, STILL can’t find a steady gig.

    So, cheer up! You only have about 15 more years of searching and you too will feel miserable…and outdated…and besieged…then, back to miserable!

  12. 01-20-09 6:38 pm

    Wow… Love it!

    This summer, I was doing the exact same thing you’re doing now.

    I quit the worst middle-management job in the world and I spend three months unemployed. I was hired on at a shady call center and now I’m unemployed again.

    Finally, I threw in the towel and going back to school for my MA.

  13. 01-26-09 1:20 pm


    Great blog, dude!

    I am in similar shoes. I am a student in Ohio, graduating in May 2009. I am “just going to go out to California.” I have a plan, but have not yet acted on it. However, I am willing to scrub toilets, while holding a marketing degree, if that is what it takes.

    My girlfriend sent me the “unemployment” article that your blog appeared in on She is quite hilarious (haha).

    In all seriousness, my best advice in such times of great adversity is to smile, laugh, be grateful, and continue to give to others, even though you are down-and-out, yourself. You will always have at least one person in the world who cares for you and immensely believes in you (for me, that one person is God). Whether you are taking a suicide mission into the grand state of CA, or working your way into another career, just keep in mind that these just may be some of the best times you have ever had. Go after experience!

    Best to All,


  14. 01-29-09 8:07 pm

    this might be my new favorite blog. the name alone sells me on it. flatter shmatter. you know you’re the shit. 🙂

  15. 02-08-09 8:33 pm

    love your blog! mine is similar except for the whole i-quit-my-job part, since HR asked for my ID and made me leave and now i get unemployment. Bob Loblaw is perhaps the greatest lawyer of our generation.

  16. 02-08-09 8:35 pm

    ps – dude, has anyone actually donated money to you? hilarious.

  17. Coriori permalink
    04-20-09 12:28 pm

    I read your blog while working at a well-paying, albeit crappy job that stifled my creativity. When I too volunteered to become unemployed, I wanted to start writing just like you… though fortunately for my bank account, I found a fantastic replacement job 3 weeks later and never really got that blog off the coffe stained napkins from Dunkin’ Donuts (had to downgrade from Starbucks) onto the Internet. I must admit I’m sad that I can’t follow in your footsteps, but I’m pleased to continue living vicariously through your words. Much love!

  18. littlehousesouthernprairie permalink
    07-28-09 5:41 pm

    I quit mine too! Love it. Funny blog.

  19. Emmanuel Santos permalink
    01-18-11 2:55 am

    I googled, “unemployed, older and cant get a decent job” and found a website that mentioned your site. I am 35, educated but didnt work in the field of work I graduated in. Ten years working at Call Centers since it is the best paying job in my area and now even that is being down graded with more and more graduates looking for jobs, salaries are going down and employers will get the younger gen who will work for lesser pay.

    I want to study a course which will give me a better job but I need a job in order to pay for the tuition and if I get a job it will most likely cut into my study time if I ever do get enough money to pay for the tuition. Its a catch 22… sigh. People tell me I am talented witty and have so much potential, then why has this happened to me….

    I am on the verge … I try to be optimistic but its just that life is harshly bitch slapping me every which way I turn.

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