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{Pre-teen Poetry} Common Misconception


Welcome to the second edition of “Confessions of a Pre-teen Poet” an expose by Lyndsay Rush ages 11-13.

They really are only going to get worse from here on out, so buckle up, peeps.

This one, appropriately entitled “Common Misconception”, is my 12 yr old views on how misunderstood adolescents are.

It is written as a “take that!” to parents everywhere.

If Will Smith gets his hands on these powerful words, he’ll turn it into a killer PG-rated rap that goes straight to the top of the charts. Just imagine the music video potential.

So….<gulp> here it is. Remember, I did not make this up. In fact, I wish I did.  This is the closing stanza from the 2 page poem and I think it really packs a punch:

…So for all the teens, runaways, delinquents and whores,
Remember, grown ups everywhere, their pain’s as real as yours.

Take THAT grownups  all over the world, take THAT!!!! How does THAT TASTE all you ignorant adults??!?!?

ps. I spelled ‘whores’ , ‘hoers’.


I still hate curfews! And responsibility! And chores!,


Listening to: Bamboozle is a fun word to say. So is wasps. So is merriment. However, these three things do not go well together.

On my mind: Saw the BEST fight at the cubs game today. 2 guys arguing over international politics…ok more like ‘which beer is best?’. The Cubs security is alerted to the escalating disagreement and start to kick out both guys. The whole time this is going on, the guys’ girlfriends are yelling “Stop it Marty!!” etc. Just when security has calmed it all down and is escorting the hooligans out of the ballpark, the one guy’s gf marches over to the other guy and dumps her ENTIRE full beer on his head and then throws the cup in the air in defiance and marches out. It. Was. AWESOME.

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  1. 09-04-09 10:29 am

    Yeah, you probably could of ghostwritten for Will Smith. He should go back to his old style anyway. Pre-get jiggy with it era.

    Thats good that people aren’t shooting each other at ball games. Thats awesome.

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