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Freaky Deaky


Sometimes I look at my blog stats and say to myself, “How the HECK did some of these people find me?”

I know I was in MSNBC

I know I link my tweeetz to this site

I know I force all of my friends and family to have this on their ‘favorites’

But other than that…how does the mystery of the world wide web play a role in my blog visitors? (Perhaps Sandra Bullock can tell us someday)

Well, thanks to wordpress, I have a glimpse into the search engine terms that brought some of you here. Many make sense: “bob loblaw” or “unemployed blog”. Those are obvi. Others  remind me of some of my old OLD posts that I had forgotten about. Like: “Johnson baby shampoo”, “Who invented the snuggie?”, “Nilla Wafer” or “Joey Fatone”. The following fall under the category of “I bet these people were surprised when they typed this into google and my blog came up as a resource”: (these are 100% factual)

  • Inches of hair
  • Magician’s assistant wanted
  • Sounds like my ex
  • Rascal dog
  • Grandparents golfing
  • Cute bobs
  • Get paid to party
  • Dunk tank “cold water”
  • Clean up kitchen, signage
  • Cute animals no water?
  • Tongue depressor
  • Office party
  • Ugliest dog

and my personal favorite,

  • Trustworthy man

Bet you didn’t know you were getting all of THAT when you hacked in here did ya?

But sers, for realzies…thanks for stopping by. I xoxo you.


Back on a futon…I’ve come full circle,


Listening to: I sleep with a fan.

On my mind: What’s more inappropriate in a professional email: a smiley face or a winkey face?

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Derek Z permalink
    09-02-09 10:20 am

    I just tell everyone about it, hands down one of my favorite blogs to read! I’m already trying to figure out therapy to get through an absence of posts while you cavort in the land Simba & Pumba. Or can we expect some postings from Africa?

  2. Rob Lindquist permalink
    09-02-09 1:11 pm

    Aaaaand you just INCREASED your googleability (new word, Trademark: me) with these words by repeating them in anther blog post, hence increasing the knowledge of your blog. I’m on to you, Loblaw.

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