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Remains of the Day

The key my sister made me to her house--where I'm staying for the next 2 weeks.

The key my sister made me to her house--where I'm staying for the next 2 weeks.

Well, we moved yesterday. (Cue Charlie Brown music and montage of the last 2 years)

With the gracious help of our friends, we packed all our lives into a 10X10 storage unit fondly named “Madam Tussaud’s House of Crap”.

I also discovered I’m a really good packer. It goes against all logic that i would be good with organizational details such as these but poof: I’m kind of the master.

The tricky part was that we had to pack accordingly for A. Our 3 week trip to Kenya (In 12 days!) B. The interim 2 week period before Kenya C. What we will need when we get back and are living with friends before we find permanent housing and D. The rest of our belongings/crap.

So I came up with a system. We marked everything 1 2 or 3 according to each phase of our lives in the next few months. I know. Its mind blowing. When I first thought of it I exclaimed, “By golly, this is so brilliant it just might work!”

My biggest life lesson is that packing makes you realize how much crap you own and how much dust was under your bed. And where that Werther’s Original that fell out of your mouth that one time ended up. 

From a 4 leaf clover earring that fell out of one of my boxes, to the pair of underwear our guy friends found when they moved our dresser, to the 2 stuffed animals that we uncovered when packing Fulmer’s bed, to the Joey Fatone bobblehead that was in one of our boxes, the day was full of shame and excuses. Mostly shame.

What can we say? You accumulate a bunch of stuff in 2 years. So sue us.

Also, one of our biggest boxes was, of course, our costume box. Complete with corn on the cob costume, leopard print pantsuit and pair of hot dog hats. These are the irreplaceable treasures of life, my friends.

Couch Surfer,


Listening to: “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter came on Saturday night when we were packing up the kitchen. It was so perfect.

On my mind:I bought an asexual bag for Kenya and brought it into work full of books for my research. One man walked by and asked if it was his (he has the same one) and a woman stopped and said her husband has the same bag. Never felt like more of a woman.

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  1. 08-31-09 4:41 pm

    2 stuffed animals under Fulm’s bed? Make that 2 dozen.

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