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Lots can happen in a day, eh?

Here’s what’s been going on in my glamorous life.

Tuesday I overheard a D bag telling his friends a story about a girl. I just caught the tale end which sounded like this: “A single tear. Down her cheek. A single tear! hahahahhaha”

Then they all chest bumped, slapped each other on the arse with gym towels and used rifles to shoot a deer. Which was weird because we were at a sushi restaurant.

I also got passed on the sidewalk by a pedestrian. AKA I was walking at a leisurely pace and this guy in a backpack got off the sidewalk, passed the parked cars, got into the bike lane to speed up and get back on the sidewalk ahead of me. The twisted part was, as soon as i realized what he was doing, I picked up my pace. Which almost completely defeated his point. Haven’t you ever done that? I do it in cars too. As soon as I think someone wants to pass me I’m all, “Oh YEAH? I’ll show YOU slow.”

Anger management.

Yesterday, while walking home from some errands, my ipod shuffled to a Taylor Swift song called “Place in This World” (not to be confused with the early 90s ballad by Michael W Smith of the same name). When she sung “I’m just a girl, tryin’ to find my place in this world,” I said out loud, “Me too, Taylor, me too.”  Lucky for me, and the unassuming public, no one was in close enough range to hear my one way convo with Tay.

Also on Tuesday, Fulms and I went to REI to try on travel packs for Kenya. We couldn’t have looked less granola/kayak/Patagonia. We were both in sundresses and looked completely out of our element. Ways we made our sales rep uncomfortable: 1. As he is measuring my torso to see what size I need, Fulmer goes “Get it gurl”.  2. After he fits a large, weighed down pack to my back I comment, “It fits well. Sort of like you’re spooning. I might never take this thing off.” I imagine he hasn’t ever heard a lonelier backpacking analogy in his entire career.

Lastly, my highlight from this week was when we had Bridge and Emma over for a final dinner at our apartment and after her toast, Fulms raised her glass and said “Here Ye, here ye!”

It was the most judicial toast we’ve ever made.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the first edition of: Poems from Jr High: Pre-teen Angst Revisited. Where once a week I will delight you with my 7th 8th and 9th grade thoughts on the world.

Be Ye Warned,


Listening to: My body hate me because I was up before 8 AM today. I’m not cut out for mornings.

On my mind: I bought 8 wine glasses at Crate and Barrel and carried them home on my bike. How’s THAT for talent. I need a car.

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  1. 08-27-09 10:37 am

    you make me laugh out loud at my desk…and i love it. 🙂
    p.s. i misssssss you.

  2. Bridgy permalink
    08-27-09 2:36 pm

    only at our last supper would there be a french bread mishap, a toast that ended in “here ye, here ye,” one dessert + 4 spoons, and whale dives onto the big red…..i’m gonna miss that place.

  3. Ben permalink
    08-27-09 3:06 pm

    Hooray for checking your site and finding multiple postings!

    Well done.

    I laughed and now a single tear of joy is scrambling down my cheek.

    My job is going to send me to Japan for a week in October… I’m sort of excited and sort of freaking out. Luckily I have this phrasebook my boss gave me. It’s full of monosyllabic pronunciations that I’m sure somewhat rape the tiny nuances of Japanese.

    To that I say “bas-ru-mu ni te-su-ri wa a-ri-mas ka”, which, as we all know, means “Are there rails in the bathroom?”

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