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Remember when Fulmer and I got the idea last night around 10pm to go scavenge local stores in our neighborhood for moving boxes?

Remember how we got to 7-11 and found a HUGE bounty of boxes and how we then grabbed more than 5 apiece and schlepped them over 7 blocks home? Remember also how we had bought Chipotle Gardetto’s as a snack for our late night packing and so Fulms had to carry them in her mouth all the way back home cuz her hands were full of boxes?

Remember how in the middle of a crosswalk, Fulmer fumbled and dropped a few of the boxes just as the orange hand started flashing and how I panicked and the dramatist in me almost screamed “LEAVE THE BOXES, SAVE YOURSELF!! but in reality there wasn’t a car in sight for blocks.

Remember how halfway home we got so tired that we just started dragging the boxes and how we dragged them loudly past a couple who was making out on the street? How’s THAT for ambiance.

Remember how we had gone to the gym earlier that night for the first time in months so my arms were already sore from all the girl-push ups I did? Remember how in the home stretch (the alley behind our apt) there was a big church van going to fast and we had to drop our boxes and get out of the way?

Remember how when we got home with our treasure, we realized our packing tape was out?

Just a day.


the life,


Listening to: The new Imogen Heap album. SO so good.

On my mind: I like off-brand items because they cut right to the chase. Instead of Ritz Crackers, they say ‘snack crackers’. I appreciate the honesty

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  1. Deckster permalink
    08-25-09 3:40 pm

    Why didn’t Lauren just put the Gardettos in one of the boxes she was carrying instead of her mouth? And if you went to the 7-11 on Webster/Lincoln/Geneva, I’ll be mad at you for not stopping by to say hi.

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