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Today, just to be zany, I poured my coffee into one of those ridiculously over-sized mugs that often double as soup bowls.

I don’t even know where we got it. But it’s black and large and the 1996 in me wanted to use it to be extra trendy a la “Friends” cast members when they drank coffee at Central Perk.


Its way cooler to drink your coffee out of disproportionate mugs. It means you’re an artist. And you hold it in both hands while you sip your coffee and think deep thoughts about life. And stuff.


Here’s proof: Look at Chandler’s mug in this pic.

He better drink that fast or it’ll get cold. It holds a lot of coffee. Like way more than you can drink while its still hot. But it looks cool. I swear.

Deep thoughts, Cold Coffee,


Listening to:  Rascal Flatts. That boy can siiiiing.

On my mind: I’m bringing ‘frenching’ back. Just you wait.

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  1. 08-24-09 4:18 pm

    Thaaaanks! Ha. I wrote that post briefly wondering if somehow it would get back to you. Not a terrible thing if it never did. Interesting though. So to clarify that I’m not a huge weirdo, I found your blog by reading, being unemployed and fantastic and all. And since that day in history, I’ve been a fan. I actually live in Scottsdale, AZ, and met this kid named Colin at a bar. We were talking about blogs or something, I don’t know… He said he dated your sister? Is he a total creeper? lol. His number’s 785-979-6663 (as I just put his number out for the blogosphere to read). Maybe call him and leave an inquiring text.

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