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If ever there was a question about how odd I am, it is settled now.

I am a strange woman.

I say this because I finally started packing up my things for the big move next weekend and if someone judged me by my belongings, I’d be alone forever.

For example, you know how in “Dating in the Dark” the contestants get to rummage through the opposite sex’s luggage or purses or wallets to get a better idea of what they’re like? Yeah, if that was me, I’d be toast. The guys would be like, “Well, this chick has a half eaten snickers bar in the bottom of her purse next to a fake mustache. And there’s pesos in here for some reason too. And what the…is that a pocket watch?”

So, in an effort to simplify my life, I’ve been trying to get rid of things that I no longer need. Because I’ve realized that I’m kind of a pack rat. And I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be any kind of rat if I can avoid it.

So ANYWAY. Here are a few things I found whilst rumaging through my things. This is proof  that even Horatio couldn’t deny:

  • 2 of my old flip cell phones. And my pager from middle school.
  • My certificate of adoption for the Puffin that John adopted for me 2 years ago. Her name is EN-53. She lives on Egg Rock Island. She is 28. I recall asking him at the time if he got a discount cuz she was so old.
  • A bowling shirt that says “The Griswold’s” on the back and “Ruby” on the breast pocket.
  • A pair of stuffed animal arctic seals. That my ex boyfriend got me 3 years ago from the Shedd Aquairium. And that I named Ruth and Boaz.
  • A framed senior picture of me giving Emma a piggyback ride. It was a good idea at the time.
  • A plethera of mixed CDs from high school that all have names like “Mix it Up”, “El Mixo” and “Chex Mix”. Apparantly I did not want to forget that they were in fact MIX cds. Phew.
  • A “Gone with the Wind” poster of Rhett and Scarlett
  • A book of poems I wrote in Jr. High. Topics covered include: racism, dating, judgement day, teen pregnancy and generation X.
  • A teenage mutant ninja turtles ‘happy birthday’ sign
  • Several wallet sized singlets of the cast of “Arrested Development”
  • A small Chinese parasol

Unfortunately that’s just the tip of the eccentric iceburg.

Ummm can we still be friends? 

With arms wide open,


Listening to:P Diddy’s AWFUL performance on CSI:Miami. I mean really awful. I was also surprised he didn’t negotiate some Ciroq product placement.

On my mind:Emma and I once got a ride in a 197os white stretch limo posing as a cab. We were going to Panera. He only charged us $5. It was Emmas first limo ride. I told her that having this as her first limo ride was like having her first slow dance in a 7-11. We lead luxurious livez.

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  1. 08-24-09 2:01 pm

    Man, your one of the coolest chics that blog on the net…and you inspire! Wooord.

  2. 08-24-09 4:09 pm

    You need to post some of that middle school poetry stat. Nothing is more entertaining (or humiliating?) than a 13-year-old’s views on political hot topics written in poetic verse – especially if it rhymes! It’s comedy gold!

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