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These are things that happened to me today:

-Found rice crispy treat in my sock drawer

-Listened to “Party in the USA” 3 times in a row

-Put unknown milk-like substance in my coffee because my roommate finished my creamer. Milk-like substance created odd texture in my coffee. I didn’t stop drinking it until about halfway through.

-Heard my favorite line ever on “Real Housewives”: “I’m a grown a*% woman”

-Sang Regina Spektor loudly whilst biking to work even though people stared

-Caught myself saying “Uh-oh” out loud when I saw an ugly person. Not nice, Lyndsay, not nice!

-Tried to say “sorry I’m not sorry” as much as possible. Cuz I am sorry. That I’m not sorry.

-Boss put Taylor Swift “Love Song” on the jukebox and then tried denying it.

-My 30 second “work crush” told me tonight was his last night because “school starts” again next week and he’d “see me next summer”. Holy cow am I a predator? He means college….RIGHT?

-Got glass of ice water just so i could chew the ice later

-Had something in my contact lens and when the cashier at Bourgeois Pig looked up at me to ask me a question it looked like I was awkwardly winking at him. I made it worse when I informed him that I had something in my eye and sorry for awkwardly winking at him. I am sometimes shocked that I’m allowed out in public.



Listening to: Text from my friend Annie telling me I put “Drama Cubs” instead of “Drama Clubs” in my list from yesterday. I informed her that I did in fact think that theatrical baby bears are hilarious.

On my mind: Wow. I just typed “on my own” instead of on my mind. Damn you, Freud.


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  1. 08-21-09 8:49 am

    so many things i love about this post, i can’t even name them all 🙂

  2. Ben permalink
    08-21-09 9:07 am

    me tooooo

    and the song Samson by Regina Spektor has special meaning to me…sniff.

    Oh, to be the cashier at Bourgeois Pig… hehe.

  3. Tenille permalink
    08-21-09 10:03 am

    Ahahaha-Love it! The “uh-oh”-I’ve done it but mine is “Yeesh” or something like that…equally as mean…lol! Oh well-it’s sort of unconscious and unintentional. lol

  4. Mandy permalink
    08-21-09 10:57 am

    To comment on the high five, my favorite is to high five but move slightly to the left (if you’re right handed) so that you hit them in the forehead. I have one friend who always forgets about this move and its funny everytime:)

  5. Mandy permalink
    08-21-09 11:25 am

    oops just realized I meant to comment on the LOL post from yesterday. Sorry!

  6. abby permalink
    08-23-09 9:05 pm


    this is brilliant.

    you need to be writing for 30 rock or SOMEWHERE that will pay you hella billz girl! amazing. keep it up.

  7. 08-24-09 2:08 pm

    I’ve gotta pull that W O W pose off.

  8. rushbomb permalink*
    08-27-09 8:09 pm

    Hahah you are a DOLL. I would DIE to write for 30 Rock. Or How I Met Your Mother. Or The Office. Or SNL. OR Conan. Or The Colbert Report. Or Always Sunny in Philadelpia. You on it? Thanks, F 🙂

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