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Bad News/Cute Animals


Have you guys heard of this book called “Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals” ?

Its half horrible half hilarious. For example:

See? With a simple photo manipulation, this bad news becomes totally palatable.

In thinking of my life lately, and the bad news Ive received or the news I fear hearing the most, I realize if the following bits of information could simply be delivered with an adorable backdrop, they transform into completely manageable tidbits. In fact, borderline good news. Enjoy:

You've gained 5 lbs.


The cookie dough is gone


You may be single for the rest of your life


McDonalds is closed


Your student loan is due


See? A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.


Delightfully yours,


Listening to: Tori and Dean marathon. I prob need to marry someone like Dean. Cuz he lets Tori be zany and he does what she says. But if that makes me Tori in this scenario I might wanna re-think it.

On my mind: Bananas and peanut butter makes a good snack.


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  1. Ben permalink
    08-05-09 9:22 am


    I’ll marry you, so ya know, no worries on that front. 🙂

    Tori Spelling freaks me out though.

  2. Angela permalink
    08-12-09 10:20 am

    are you giving up on your blog — you havent updated in SO long — What am I to do at work?

  3. 08-13-09 5:28 pm

    Haha, I just saw this book the other day, I think it’s hilarious. I liked the “You’re not the father” one best.

  4. justine permalink
    08-16-09 6:03 pm

    youre hilarious! please come back!

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