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Stars–They’re Just Like Us: Recession Edition


They ride their bikes!

I am sure many of you have seen this hilarious section of Us Weekly where they show pictures of celebs doing “normal” things. My new favs this week include “They’re shocked by cold water!”, “Their kids like to help!” and last but most certainly not least, “They smell soap!”.

Well, I have been through some low moments over this past year as I have abandoned my 9-5 in pursuit of a new life as a writer and I’d really like it if Us Weekly could include some pictures of celebrities in the following scenerios in their next edition. This would really prove to me that Stars are just like me.

  • They fall asleep holding a bag of Tostitos!
  • They watch Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List!
  • They are late on their credit card payment!
  • They go to Coinstar!
  • They write the copy for a new ham product!
  • They work on a column in their underwear!
  • They lower their standards!
  • They eat their roommate’s food!
  • Their parents send them money!

Thank you and goodnight,


Listening to: The host of ‘Dating in the Dark’ say “Wassup!!”

On my mind: What exactly would I do for a klondike bar?

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  1. Esther Friedman permalink
    07-28-09 9:08 am

    In the midst of “documenting my procedures” as the marketing copy writer for a certain software company, I keep compulsively returning to this particular blog for some giggles and sanity.

    You are hysterical! Keep on bloggin’!

  2. Ben permalink
    07-28-09 3:37 pm


    Imagining you curled up with your bag of Tostitos is precious.

    I’m curious about the “lower their standards” part though.

    I’ve never written ham copy. 😦

  3. 07-29-09 10:54 am

    I hate that section of the magazine for even hinting that its newsworthy that a celeb should pump their own gas, but simultaneously enjoy the more infantile entries where the stars are caught doing embarrassing things like “They forget to shave!” or “They have boogers!”

    To replicate my posh lifestyle, Us Weekly would need some photos of events like, “They argue with the television!” or “They lay on the floor crying after washing down a log of cookie dough with some wine coolers!”

  4. 07-30-09 12:52 pm

    Funny list, L! Admit it…you would love to be in that dark room! And have Rossi Morreale give you three random dudes’ clothes to smell. The Big Reveal is my most nervous moment in all of television. I squirm and talk to the TV the entire time.

  5. nibbleonthis permalink
    07-30-09 8:14 pm

    If it’s $67 or $7, that Coinstar gives anyone a real sense of lottery luck, doesn’t it? Rush, I too live for the Coinstar trips.

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