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False Advertising


IMG00939Who wants to bet that working for Taco Bell isn’t as fun or zany as this ad makes it seem? I also don’t understand what soccer and paddle ball have to do with fast food. In fact, they are almost opposites.

But, in their defense, the “Do you like to melt things?” message almost got me.


Nice Try, TB

4th Meal!,


Listening to: New favorite pasttime: riding my bike home down side streets in the cool of the evening listening to Imogen Heap. Thats about as sexy as my summer is gonna get

On my mind: Those bachelorette dudes are such women. Also, in unrelated news: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARE!!

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  1. Esther permalink
    07-21-09 8:18 am

    I once saw a convenient store help-wanted sign pitch employment there with this little nugget: “Attractive free uniform”.

    You can simply imagine … I’m guessing polyester, a kind of orange/brownish hue, name tag sewed on … hold me back.

  2. Ben permalink
    07-21-09 8:39 am

    Imogen Heap!


  3. WildThang permalink
    07-21-09 12:53 pm

    That guy looks like Chris Brown. After his last stunt he might end up at TB.

  4. 07-27-09 9:33 pm that is EXACTLY the kind of crap the ad agency i worked at specialized in. employer branding and recruitment advertising. image my delight in partaking in brainstorming sessions where we came up with those little gems. MLIA. F WORD.

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