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The original followers of Bob will be pleased to know I am back in an office setting today and tomorrow….helping a brand company run some focus groups. What can I say? I can’t turn down money…that is, unless its in the form of mexican food sales. In that case its easy.

Highlights for today:

-Lady participant sees that we have the same purse. When research interview ends, she says, “Enjoy your purse!” instead of “goodbye”.

-I drink 3 diet cokes out of sheer boredom

-Guy participant asks to use my cell phone. I oblige but say, “This better not be international”. He doesn’t laugh. Then looks at my screen saver for about 2 minutes before making his call.

-Research associate tells me all about his vacation to Cabo.

-I spend a few hours on facebook

-Dude participant asks about “parking” and I, misunderstanding him, tell him there is no party. Accidental buzzkill.


Ahhhh the good old days,


Listening to: Someone’s flip flops flopping down the hall. 

On my mind: Got a suggestion to create a thermometer tracking my Kenya fundraising efforts thus far…Do I dare?


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  1. Jamie Tussey permalink
    07-15-09 11:13 am

    could you put a link to your red eye columns on your page?

  2. Jamie Tussey permalink
    07-15-09 11:26 am

    even when i go on the RED EYE website and search your name or your article, nothing comes up. WIERD. I want to read more but can’t find you on there.

  3. rushbomb permalink*
    07-15-09 11:29 am

    My 2nd article is pending this week 🙂 Going forward they will all be online at the Tribune’s new interactive site so that people can view and comment and “continue the conversation”. Stay tuned and thanks for reading, JT 🙂

  4. Ben permalink
    07-16-09 9:27 am

    I don’t know how I’d get through my day at work sometimes without facebook and diet coke(s).

    I’m not sure I have an opinion on a giant thermometer. I think it’d be super hilarious at first…but the novelty could potentially wear off and then you might feel bad.

    UNLESS you make it something more outrageous? I’m thinking like an elephant (ya know, cause they live in Africa), and it’s shooting a spout of water out it’s trunk, and the waterspout is where you put the funds.

    Oh, even better! You have a picture photoshopped of you riding ontop of the elephant’s waterspout! And some kind of hilarious phrase like “Help shoot Lyndsay to Africa” (or something more clever).

    OK, I’ve wasted way too much energy on this. But the coffee was good today.

  5. 07-27-09 9:30 pm that is EXACTLY the kind of crap the ad agency i worked at specialized in. employer branding and recruitment advertising. image my delight in partaking in brainstorming sessions where we came up with those little gems. MLIA. F WORD.

  6. 07-27-09 9:32 pm

    errr…meant to post that comment on the taco bell ad…which is why i’m reposting it. whoops!

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