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The Guiltiest Ride of My Life


Well I can now officially scratch off one odd job from my endless list of gig’s I’d consider:

Rickshaw Driver.

Emma and I were waiting for a cab late on Friday night when a man in a ponytail rode up on a bicycle rickshaw. Seeing as there were no cabs in sight and his rickshaw had zebra print upholstery, we flagged him down. Naturally.

We asked him the rate and he told me it cost “Whatever you feel it is worth”. Ummm. I asked him if he was serious and he said, “Well, if there are too many bumps or if I’m a bad driver, you may not want to pay me much”. Realizing there’s no arguing with that logic, we hopped in.

I was prepared for a 5 block, lovely, breezy stroll down Halsted Street. But what i got was a lot of remorse.

The only thing I could focus on the whole time was how hard he was working (wasn’t great for our self esteem might i add), and how much work it took to pull 2 adults down the street.

When we arrived at our house, he had beads of sweat on his face and I thought about just giving him my twenty. Emma talked me down a bit and I shamefully handed him some billz.

Never again, people. Never again! Perhaps it was all a ruse to get me to pay him more but man was it uncomfortable being transported physically by another human. I may as well have been given a piggyback ride as far as I was concerned.

Slick Rick-shaw,


Listening to:  “Ungodly Hour”. On repeat.

On my mind: I prefer microwaves that let you just punch in the time without having to hit “time cook” first. It’s just more efficient.

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  1. 07-21-09 11:09 am

    Yeah, that sounds horrible. It could of have been one hell of a scheme though.

  2. Angela permalink
    07-24-09 12:41 pm

    I thought forsure when you start this entry you were going to say that YOU were the driver of the Rickshaw! Now now — even though this was an excellent article as they all are — that would have topped the cake for me! Something to think about me thinks!

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