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Now that I’m starting to get paid to put words together, I often think of random things that I’d enjoy writing.

One of them is dating profiles. I feel like that’d be a really fun one. Another one is episode summaries. Someone gets paid to do these things, right?

Well I came across inspiration of all inspirations in an episode summary for “America’s Funniest Home Videos” last night. And, admittedly, even I couldn’t have done this good of a job:



 Never a bad time for a montage,


Listening to:  So You Think You Can Dance judge asking herself questions and answering them. “Do i think you meant it? No. But do I think you fooled me? Absolutely.” 

On my mind: If the number of people who looked at my blog on an average day donated 5 dollars to my Kenya trip I could pay for the entire trip in a DAY. Imagine THAT.

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  1. Tenille permalink
    07-09-09 9:42 am

    I think more people would donate if you had a fundraising thermometer on your blog to track your progress. I would! Those are must haves for fundraising! And people can see the their contributions growing…

  2. Leah permalink
    07-14-09 3:02 pm

    I’ll throw in ten bucks cause your blog is about the only laugh I get all week (other than the lady I’ve dubbed “The cougher” who clears her throat every time I catch her in the bathroom). It inspires me to secretly write diatribes of genius in my head when I encounter my own random moments. Thanks for the good timez.

    Good luck getting to Kenya!

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