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Let’s Talk About Text


Just received this text from a Juanita’s waiter (Spelling has not been modified from original text)

Anyone want my 3pm 2nite i sprained my neck taking my shirt off this morning like a rehtard.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Man! I Feel like a woman,


Listening to: What sounds an awful lot like a duet between Nick Carter and Jesse McCartney…could it be?

On my mind:“Car-sitting” for a friend means I am driving everywhere and not at all perturbed by traffic. I freaking miss driving.

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  1. Mike Tyson permalink
    06-30-09 1:01 pm

    It sounds to me like the misspelling of the word retard is a reference to how Zac Galifinakis (sp?) pronounces it in “The Hangover.”

    “You have to be really smart to count cards”
    “Well the rain man did it and he was a (reh)tard”
    “Yeah, thats what I said, he was a (reh)tard”

    Maybe just trying to interject some humor into their pleading text message.

  2. rushbomb permalink*
    06-30-09 1:46 pm

    Ha I was more concerned with the fact that he sprained his neck undressing.

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