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Neither Hair nor There


Ok freaks and geeks,

I need some feedback. There is a cocktail waitress at Juanitas who has great hair and just so happens to be a hairstylist.

Also, her prices are reasonable…and my hair is freakishly long and gross…and she said she’d love to do my hair… but now suddenly I’m panicking. What if it’s awful and I have to lie to her face for the next 5 weeks?

It’s always risky mixing business with pleasure…



Hair we go again,


Listening to:  Myself give a gay waiter advice about what bronzer to use.

On my mind: Got a surprise package from FedEx today…my sister’s friend Gary sent me a typewriter!! Greeting card business here I come.

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  1. mlongo permalink
    06-17-09 8:14 am

    i know a good bronzer! get assymetrical bangs

  2. 06-22-09 5:54 pm

    I was in this situation when one of my coworkers mentioned her other gig was as a hairstylist and I made an appointment but then went home an imagined her telling our other coworkers about my split ends, my botched home dye attempts, etc. not to mention the stress of what I would do if I hated it and what I would be expected to tip her. I ended up calling it off and spent the next few months getting secret, almost unnoticable mini-cuts at the mall, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

  3. WildThang permalink
    06-23-09 8:39 am

    I got my haircut by a bartender once. She wasn’t half bad, even though I agreed to let her do it after a couple shots.

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