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Early Retirement


Headed to Tuscan, AZ tomorrow to learn a thing or two about relaxing and not working from those who know it best: my grandparents.

Planned activities include:

  • A water aerobics class with Gma
  • Mexican Dominoes
  • Drinking scotch
  • Walking dogs
  • Traveling places via golf carts
  • Eating dinner at 5:30pm
  • Bocce Ball,  Mahjong and Shuffle Board
  • Getting our nails did
  • Perusing Grandma’s jewel collection and picking out what she should put in her will for us (truth: this happened last visit)

All of the above are activities I should take home with me now that I have more time on my hands. Oh that and calling pants slacks and shirts blouses.

I don’t wanna grow up,


Listening to: 3 horror film previews in a row before “The Hangover”. Hello peeps, this is not putting me in the mood for laughter

On my mind: It’s very hard to trust that the next steps in life will work out. Walkin’ in this tension is growing my faith indeed.

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  1. Jamie Tussey permalink
    06-19-09 8:02 am

    my sister lives in tucson. i went to visit last march. nice place. REALLY hot. she and my brother in law direct and help out with their church choir. it’s mainly all “snowbirds” as they call them. retirement communities trying to get away from the cold. have fun with your grandparents!

  2. Ben permalink
    06-22-09 3:06 pm


    I totally had a revelation and may totally change careers…but I think I may have to go back to school for a couple years. But I feel good about it! Whee!

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