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Happy Almost-Anniversary, Bob.


I realized the other day that I am coming up on the one year anniversary of quitting my job. Wow, right?

Feel free to send roses, candies or monies.

I experienced a wave of emotion last week when I walked past my old office on the way to grab lunch downtown with my friend Jackie.

As I passed the front of the building, in addition to kicking it up a notch in my pace so as to avoid any possible run ins with former co-workers, the song from the ending of A League of Their Own played in my head. (Imaginary musical montages are quite common these days).

You remember the song. The sad one that Madonna sings at the end of the film that goes, “This used to be my playground…”

Yep, that one. I’m not sure exactly why, though. Cuz it wasn’t anything like a playground. Hmm something for my future therapist to dissect I suppose.


Girls Can’t Play Baseball!,



Listening to: Mom reading me the results from the Meyers Briggs personality test I took in high school. Only 5% of peeps have my “type”. No wonder I’m such a misunderstood teenager

On my mind: Had a terrible day but then came home from work to find that little sis had folded all my laundry. May or may not have gotten tears in my eyez.

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  1. Jamie Tussey permalink
    06-16-09 8:12 am

    sisters are awesome!

  2. mlongo permalink
    06-16-09 8:22 am

    this. movie. was. AWESOME! i used to cry in my pilla listening to this song on repeat circa ’93 – yep, that’s about right, just before puberty. i can identify with those imaginary “playground” montages.

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