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Wasn’t Expecting That


Found this on a table while setting up the restaurant this morning:


Thing 1: The opener on this card says ” Choose an opponent for this competition about state sex laws!” Sounds like more fun than Catch Phrase.

Thing 2: The game card has been scratched off. That means someone played last night. Thrills for days at this place, I tell ya. Thrills for DAYS. 

Livin la vida loca,


Listening to: A stranger at church tonight stop me and say “Hey, wait a sec, do you work at Juanitas?”. Not exactly the fame/recognition I was going for.

On my mind: Shocked and humbled that watching “He’s Just not that Into You” actually got me thinking.

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  1. m4k2004 permalink
    06-15-09 12:15 am

    I need that scratch off LOL

  2. Ben permalink
    06-15-09 2:45 pm

    So what are you thinking from your self-discovery via ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’?

    I should note that I’ve never seen it. But I did see Wall-e Friday. It was neat in a sexy, robotic way.

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