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The One-Upper


Ok so I’m sure everyone knows one of these guys.

The one who is like “You knit that scarf? Well I once knit uniforms for an entire elementary school in Korea with a week’s notice”

He sucks. We hate him. But he is everywhere.

Of course, Juanita has one. And here are his two most recent “one-uppers”:

-Waitress to One Upper: “Man, I’ve been here all day and havent even made 60 dollars.”  One Upper replies, “I’ve only been here two hours and I’ve already made that. More than that. But hey, that’s just me”

-Me to One Upper: “I love dogs” One Upper responds, “I used to train dogs”

You win, ok YOU WIN!



Listening to: Myself giggle cuz i accidentally typed “jajaja” instead of “hahaha” and thats how Spanish speaking people type their laughs. This made me laugh harder than the original reason i typed hahah. Oh life.

On my mind:Got a $1 Diet Coke from McD’s in the sweet tea styrofoam cup so it wouldn’t sweat as it melted. This idea sponsored by Natalie. Genius.

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  1. Coriori permalink
    06-11-09 11:38 am

    Funnier than the blog article itself was the hahaha comment. I laugh silently… how would I write that in a blog.. certainly not LOL

  2. TDB permalink
    06-12-09 12:26 pm

    Ahahaha…I love it! “One uppers” are very entertaining-especially if you have others around that identify the person as a “one-upper” and can enjoy laughing at their ridiculous claims together…that’s why I love Kristen Wiig’s character “Penelope” on SNL-so funny.

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