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The Worst Waitress Ever


My parents always taught me to do everything with excellence; to work hard and with integrity.

So why then, am I such a terrible waitress???

A few things I’ve done at Juanitas lately that make me realize I’m  easily the worst waitress on staff:

  • Just text someone to ask when I’m supposed to go into work tonight. Her response? “5:00, Lyndsay. It’s always 5:00.”
  • Forgot my log in number two days ago. Hint: this is the code I use every shift to put in orders.
  • Told someone to bring something to table 42. There is no table 42 in the restaurant.
  • Had a customer order something called the “Plato Especial”. I had never heard of it so I just shook my head and wrote it down. Luckily when I got to the computers, it was in there. 



Listening to: Myself debate over whether or not jean shorts are ok on girls

On my mind: OK I really am going to Kenya this fall. OR

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  1. Emma permalink
    06-09-09 4:07 pm

    Well I for sure used to make up specials by accident and the kitchen would have to make them.

    I once spilled a purple martini on some (stylish) woman’s white pant suit

    Tripped and dropped a knife in someone’s lap–luckily it was a steak knife. So top THAT. Or don’t. I want you to keep your job.

  2. nibbleonthis permalink
    06-09-09 9:03 pm

    Rush, you made me LOL with the #42 comment. Oh man, you are such a train wreck.
    Come give G-money and Lilly Lips a visit.
    P.S. One of our BFFs just moved to Chicago and will be reading your shiz in the RedEye frequently I hope! 🙂

  3. Ben permalink
    06-10-09 8:10 am

    Really? Kenya? For realz? Wow. You never fail to amaze!

    And I once dropped a gravy boat full of marinara on a classy looking older white lady, who was celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband. Worst part -> It perfectly landed right on her back/neck so some actually got into her blouse. I strangely can’t remember what happened next other than that image of it falling. I blocked the rest out.

  4. akash permalink
    06-11-09 3:53 am


  5. Palesa permalink
    04-05-10 1:47 pm

    you ain’t nothing compared to me, i have to be the worst waitress alive. i just got fired, i lasted 2days at the job.

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