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I Did Not Choose the Title


Ladies and Germs,

Here is my lil’ article–enjoy! It was also ‘scooped’ on The Mix’s morning show and I’ve linked that as well.



P.s. They told me that freelance columnists didn’t get titles for their stories (oppression at its worst) but then THIS is what appears Wed morning. “When a Friend Subs for a Partner” ! Bye bye dating life. Oh wait we parted ways back on ’07.

Born to be mild,


Listening to: My roommate still aschleeep. Its 12:30.

On my mind: I had a dream last night that I tried running a half marathon, forgot my shoes, and then had to audition for a movie by acting out a scene at a playground. Really actually isn’t that far fetched from my real life.

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  1. 06-07-09 5:30 pm

    did you leave a link to click on for the article and radio spot? i didn’t see it.

  2. carolineallen permalink
    06-08-09 11:25 am

    I don’t see it either — Don’t tease me Linds!

  3. rushbomb permalink*
    06-10-09 1:05 pm


  4. chicitychic permalink
    06-10-09 1:46 pm

    I love the article. Even though I have a significant other, I have an SSO with my BFF Tiffany. When my boyfriend can’t be there Tiffany can.

  5. Ben permalink
    06-11-09 8:49 am

    I agree that the title was misleading.

    Great stuff! You and Lauren definitely sound like a dynamic duo. I also give two thumbs up to the pic. Look at you! There you are!

  6. Kim permalink
    06-18-09 2:16 pm

    love the article!

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