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I’m in the Wrong Biz


Well the 2009 Seabird Season is here.

But you probably knew that already.

I found this sexy information out through an email alert I get from an organization called “Project Puffin”. And I get email alerts from “Project Puffin” because my friend John happens to have adopted me a Puffin last year for Christmas. Seriously. Her name is EN59 (I didn’t wanna change the name the lab gave her or else she’d have an identity crisis ok?)

This monthly email lets me know how she is doing and how research on “Egg Harbor” is coming along.

Now that its officially seabird season they have assembled a crack team of interns to tackle the…uhh…puffin issues…of island needs…and stuff. These interns don’t seem to be affected by the recession at all. Must be nice.

The best part about this month’s emails were the ridiculous names of the scholarships and awards the interns received in order to come to the Puffin Program. They sound 100% fake.

-This year’s Josephine Daneman Herz International Seabird Fellow is Alcides Morales


-The recipient of the Duryea and Peggy Morton Seabird Internship is Yvan Satge

Ok, nice try puffin people. Ima add this to my resume: Winner of the Joseph Kryosevich Pillar of Honorshipdom Fellowship.

Take THAT,


Listening to: Lady Antebellum’s “I run to you”. Sounds like floating.

On my mind: I FINALLY get to go into the Tribune offices on Monday to get my pic taken and sign paperwork and sit in an editing meeting and get my first real piece publishedddddddddd!!!!

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  1. Rob Lindquist permalink
    06-01-09 8:05 am

    Nothing says “Monday” like getting excited about going to work for a bankrupt newspaper. Sorry, this economy has just left me jaded. We’re all so proud.

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