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Bragging Rights


Kids who serve food for money say the darndest things.

Overheard one waiter bragging about being an amazing salesman. I believe his exact phrase was, “Homey, I could sell salt to a slug”.

When I walked into the kitchen, a waiter I hadn’t seen in a while said, “Come over here, big eyes”. Except I thought he said “Big Guy”. So I was offended. Then I realized ‘big eyes’ was just as offensive. Yay for coworkers.

Restaurant jokes are rarely funny. A waitress dropped a tray full of dirty dishes and someone yelled “Job Opening”. It’s a cutthroat business peeps.

Worst Waitress at Juanitas,


Listening to: Dog the Bounty Hunter and his family be really sweet to criminals.

On my mind:Someone said that Kate’s hair from Jon and Kate plus 8 has the opposite of a mullet. It’s party in the front and business in everywhere else. I thought, “Well duh you try and party when you have 8 kids. Jerk.”

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