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Gurl Power


Tyra Banks, best known for her journalistic integrity, is really getting down to business today.

Her two guests:

1. Alana Love, the pregnant prostitute from the Moonlight Bunny Ranch


2. Georgeann Wells, the first woman to dunk in an NCAA basketball game.

Possible episode titles that Trya came up with:

-Women can do anything!

-Historical Femal Figures

– Career choices for women

-Defying Odds

-A Date with Destiny

Oh and even more perfect, a Guardasil commercial aired at the first commercial break. And now Tyra is playing Georgeann Wells in a game of one on one.

Girls can do anything!


Listening to: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! And yes I changed the chanel

On my mind: Someone from Juanitas found me on fb. How am I gonna get out of THIS pickle??

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  1. Ben permalink
    05-18-09 2:49 pm

    What you do for the unwanted FB add request is: add them, and then severely limit their access to your info.

    I had to do this when my teenage cousins found me and all added me.

    Or you can just deny/block the person adding you…cause that works too.

    I can’t believe Tyra Banks still has a talk show. How many seasons has she been on? I would like to see the socio-economic demographics of her viewing audience. I would scrutinize deeply.

  2. 05-18-09 3:58 pm

    My favorite shows are the ones where Tyra dons a fat suit, dresses up as a man, pretends to be homeless, etc. I believe she is the definition of factual reporting.

  3. 05-19-09 6:31 am

    Oh, if you figure out how to get out of that pickle, let me know. I have that problem all the time and it comes to bite me in the buttucks a lot.

  4. rushbomb permalink*
    05-19-09 10:14 pm

    Those are my fav too! Ha she usually breaks down too and is all “i can’t do this!”. Oh tyra, you cut me to the core.

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