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I Hate This Part Right Here


Well. If regret has a face, it looks an awful lot like me.

I did the unthinkable last night.

I hung out with Juanitas coworkers…..and kinda had fun.


Some highlights:

Saying goodbye to a manager who is making the lateral move to Bubba Gump Shrimp. Happy sails, friend.

Discovering that everyone dates each other and does drugs.

Telling one of the guys that I’d work for him the next morning and then reneging at the end of the night. He called me an indian giver.

Making a plan with one of the bartenders to create a spanish instructional dance video for youtube. Stay tuned for that gem.

All in all not bad. But I shant do it again. I felt about one step away from being a chain smoking 60 yr old diner waitress.

Ahhhh LIFE,


Listening to: Helen Hunt’s favorite thing: a summer storm

On my mind: Why oh why do we do the things we hate?

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  1. Ben permalink
    05-17-09 3:07 pm

    In my experience waiters are good people and a blast to hang with. But they also date/sleep with each other and are notorious hard drinkers/smokers (or alcoholics and/or addicts [I worked at one themed place where one of my managers died of a heroin overdose…yikes]).

    So I guess the good comes with the bad? Get worried when you start going out with one. Otherwise, hey – everyone needs more friends!

    *Note my excellent use of brackets. I think that’s +5 points.

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