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Turns Out…


It’s Mothers Day. Time to send your mama flowers, make her a homemade card, reminder her why she’s so amazing.

Oh and time to feed her some margaritas and beef fajitas. Apparently that’s what half of Chicago thought today because Juanitas had more mothers than a high school track meet.

Now, I’m no monster (I’m kinda a monster) but I thought of lots of ways to milk it. I was gonna tell my tables that I was a mother. Or that I was adopted. Or that I mother foster children and they’re in the back rolling silverware. Somethin like that to increase my tips.

Just bein a mini mother Teresa, Spanish style. So uhhh madre teresa?


Listening to: Myself text-flirting. I’m in 8th grade.

On my mind: Got a 5 dollar tip on a $118.00 tab. What, lady, do you think I wear this tie for nothing!

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