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That’s Even Creepy for Juanitas


Things got really personal last night at work.

Surprisingly enough, though, it wasn’t my tables that were causing the hub bub. But it was close enough to me that I sort of feel responsible for the awkwardness.

The night was winding down when a douche-y couple walked in and got sat in the section next to mine. The guy was in a tight v-neck, had a barbed wire tat on his bicep and wore super destroyed jeans. His mate, appropriately, was bleach blonde, orangey tan, and wearing 5 inch heels. But let me tell you something. When I walked by their table, the most amazing aroma surrounded them.

See? Already creepy.

It was perfume. Or cologne. I couldn’t tell if I should be wearing it or buying it for my fake boyfriend. So i asked around. I maybe told 4-5 servers who took turns walking by and basically sniffing the couple to determine if the scent was masculine or feminine.

By the night’s end, the waitress who had them at her table confessed that we all thought they smelled really good and asked what it was. Thankfully they laughed and told us what they were each wearing…looks like a trip to Nordstrom is in store for me. Crossing my fingers it’s a perfume.

As though that wasn’t crossing the customer/server boundaries, on the receipt that the couple left at the table, the guy had hand-written a reference for his friend who was an OBGYN. We were all shocked. Does he do this for all female waitresses he has? What is his friend paying him for this creepy form of referral marketing? Does it ever even work?

Lucky for him he smelled good or I would’ve given him a piece of my mind..or my availability for a check up. Either/or.

Enchilada perfume,


Listening to:At the servers meeting they gave us some inspiration. “You guys, remember, the difference between “Try” and “Triumph” is a little “umph”. Write that one down, folks.

On my mind: My computer is dying a slow death. Its tragic to watch.

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  1. Ben permalink
    05-08-09 3:28 pm

    Way to not mention the name of the scent, you totally are going to buy it aren’t you, lolz.

    Women are much more into the 5 senses than guys. As a man, I can appreciate smelling clean, but beyond that I don’t often sport a cologne…well unless I have an agenda – in which case I often am sporting a cologne.

    Because on the inside we all have agendas (and secret hopes and dreams)…

    You should have told your manager that Yoda said “there is no try”.

    Then the dorks would have wanted you even more!

    I miss server meetings…

  2. James permalink
    05-09-09 6:33 pm

    Yeah, let’s hear the scent!

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