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Embittered Betty does SWA


Sorry for the absence, peeps.

I was living a Will Smith song. Actually a few of them. But not “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand”, “Will2K” or “Just the Two of Us”.

On our flight back we had a flight attendant who loved her job. It really came through in her opening speech as we prepared for take off. Highlights include:

“If you have a cell phone, we’re all really impressed but you have to turn it off”

“If I wanted to spend time with people who don’t listen to me I’d be hanging out with my husband right now”

“If you are traveling with a child, or your husband, which is the same thing, put your mask on first and then if you like him, help him with his”

“If you are seated next to an emergency exit and you hate responsibility, push your call button and I’ll relieve you of the duty.”

Twas music to my ears. I wanted to shake her hand and ask her for life advice but I was afraid she’d back hand me or throw brandy in my face or something.

Flight Attendants are good at stand up comedy,


Listening to: Not the ocean waves. Brutal.

On my mind: I might not be a city girl after all.

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  1. Elizabeth permalink
    04-28-09 12:20 pm

    Your blog is hilarious! I started an unemployment blog too, though mine is geared more toward downtrodden MBAs. Check it out if you get a chance:

  2. Mlongo permalink
    04-29-09 7:58 am

    SW stewards and stewardesses have the best comedy

  3. WildThang permalink
    04-29-09 9:47 am

    Pretty sure I had the same flight attendant coming back from AZ! Hilarious. There is another great youtube video from a SWA FA u must watch!

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