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I’m Seeing Stars


Oh my gosh I’m like totally freaking out you guys.

Cara Whatsherface from Road Rules came into Juanitas to eat tonight!

I could hardly deliver quesedillas I was so star struck.

I hope by now you guys can sense the sarcasm in my voice.

Then, continuing with the celebrity theme of the night, one of my tables told me I looked like…..Lindsay Lohan.


Like a good little waitress I smiled and made some lame joke about my name also being Lyndsay and thanks and can i get you a refill bye.

But inside I was sobbing in the fetal position.


Lalo has nothing on me,



Listening to: Chelsea Lately. I used to kinda hate her but now I kinda love her and I kinda give Pete all the credit.

On my mind: Do you get scared when you’re pouring the last of your milk into your cereal bowl that there’s gonne be chunks and then your snack will be ruined? I do. And I blame that one episode of Wonder Years for my fear.

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  1. Leaf permalink
    04-23-09 1:00 pm

    Dude, my cousin worked on the Chelsea Lately show at E!

    But they laid him off a few months ago when they had to make cuts. But he knows her and everything! Now he’s back to struggling to get by LA style.

    Lindsay Lohan is like the moon, in continual phases of hot to freaky back to hot. Currently her hotness is in a waning stage I think.

    I hope you’re prettier! You are most certainly wittier.

    I’m a poet too btw (but you know it!).

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