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Mexican Trail


I’m sure everyone can recall this incredible computer game. Losing family members (named after your crushes, enemies or fellow players) to dysentery and cholera, trading axles with Indians, floating the wagon across a river only to discover it was only 3 feet deep (got me every time). Not to mention the thrill of the hunt (remember how fun the noise was when you shot one of those bunnies?)

Then, there was Amazon Trail. Anyone remember this gem? You had to travel in a canoe, spear fish, and most importantly, gather gifts from local islanders to please the Inca King.

Now, allow me to introduce my new video game: Mexican Trail.

Yes, it’s based off of Juanitas and no, it won’t be any fun to play.

Much like the restaurant, the game will be rampant with booby traps. Try your hand at balancing a tray while dodging children and busboys. Collect customer compliments and store them in your magic apron. Look out for the micromanagers who try and keep you from doing your job. Meanwhile, you get time deductions if you don’t sell fried ice cream to your tables.You win the game when you grab a basket of tortilla chips and make it to the door before being tackled by the hostess.

Sounds fun, right? Dios Mio.

Paying your bills is the new black,


Listening to:My bathroom radio’s alarm go off randomly. Urm…paranormal much?

On my mind: No such thing as a free lunch you say? Think again…had lunch at the new music venue slash restaurant, Lasalle Power Co. FREE. Free menu, free bevs etc. I wash shocked, awed and delirious w glee.

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