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Man of Illusion


Forget the monkey suit (and i mean literal monkey suit…see below), I found my new dream job (my comments in italics): 


John Damen, Man Of Illusion, is looking for a part time magician’s assistant. Must be female age 20 +, friendly (check), quite attractive and not self-conscious (depends on if I’m wearing a tuxedo leotard or not). Long hair is a plus. The work is easy (finally!), but the pay potential is fantastic for the right person. Will teach all that is needed to be known. (This is the most alluring part of the description. All that is needed to be known? About magic? Love? Life? Sign me up)

Always $$ in the banana stand,


Listening to: Lenny’s stories yesterday of his days in the circus. Well it was more like a “circus frat” he said. They drank a lot and he had to be a pledge his first year. Someone please make a movie about this

On my mind: My fist job ever was working at Baskin Robbins at the mall. Free ice cream and a paycheck to spend on clothes. Twas the life.

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  1. Emma permalink
    04-17-09 1:21 pm

    Those were the days: wearing ill-fitting khakis and ultra trendy Abercrombie hats, working at age 13… wait. I still think it was illegal for me to work there at that age.

    “I have Pop Pop in the attic”

    “The mere fact that you call it that tells me you’re not ready.”

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