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No Jobs Out There You Say?


Wrong again.

Dress up like a monkey for $$$


At a whopping $8 hour (minus tips and dignity), who could resist?

Thank you Craig, thank you.


Lookin’ out for ma homies,


Listening to: The creepy dog next door go nuts and 3 people scream. I hope everyone is ok. And by everyone I do not mean that dog.

On my mind: Its rude when a guy is with his gf at dinner and he checks out his waitress. Especially when said waitress is wearing a tie. Have some standards, guy.

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  1. 04-17-09 1:57 pm

    oh my gosh, thanks for the looking out. i’m applying immediately.

  2. Bridgy permalink
    04-20-09 8:01 am

    A mental picture of that dog just popped in my head – i peed my pants a little. Next time I walk by there i’m going to accidentally leave their gate open.

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