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I Never Work While I Eat


I’ve spoken before about my new favorite hobby/addiction: quitting.

Its apparantly my new thing to get my adrenaline up. Some people skydive, I quit jobs.

Last night’s shift at Juanitas didn’t help. But it did entertain me. Some highlights:

1. Lenny played 3 pranks on me. None of them were funny. I’m starting to side with the customer’s who complained last week.

2. I had an old man give me a typical “Dad line” when I asked if he was finished eating. I said, “Are you still working on that?” and he responded, “I’m still eating, and I never work while I eat.” (Still doesnt top my Dadd’s favorite: When we say “I’m hungry!” he says, “Hi, I’m Bill”)

3. Saw some baaaaad waiter-to-hostess flirting. This guy was leaning up against the wall talking up a hostess who couldnt be over 16. I walked by in time to hear him go, “Do you have your retainer in?…..that’s adorable”. And he said it in a really slow and seductive voice. Ummm I have 10 bucks and an 8th grade picture that says there nothing adorable about a retainer.

Muscle-y Armed Paper Boy,


Listening to:  “Growing Old is Getting Old” by Silversun Pickups. Great song; painfully truthful title.

On my mind: I’m so glad Dominick’s is open until 2 AM. Methinks I need a treat.

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