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I’ve Made a Huge Mistake


Sometimes its funny when you hear someone wrong and think they’ve said something that they didn’t.

Sometimes its not. At all.

Yesterday while waiting in the kitchen for people to come into le restaurant I was chatting with a few of the other waiters that I like about baristas and if they ever make any money (See how I’m still trying to get out of this gig? I have an illness). Someone asked why I was wondering and I leaned back smiling and said “I just really wanna be a barista someday”.  Seems like a normal convo, right?


Not ten minutes later, this dude says to me, “So, Lyndsay, how long have you wanted to be an actress?” I looked at him like he was coo-coo for cocoa puffs and said, “Urm, what?”. He goes, “Well didn’t I overhear you say you really wanna be a movie star someday?”. It took me a second before I could put 2 and 2 together…barista…movie star….bari-sta…movie-star…finckle and einhorn.. EINHORN IS FINCKLE.

Anyway I quickly corrected him, awkwardly excused myself from the convo by curtsying and walked away horrified that he thought even for a few minutes that I had been sharing my deep dreams of stardom in the kitchen of Juanitas.

Humble Pie for 1,


Listening to: The roar of a motorcycle. I used to hate them but now I love riding them. Not driving them. And also not that “Hog Wild” movie starring John Travolta. Gross.

On my mind:But seriously I’m starting a greeting card line. They’re gonna be rad. And irreverent. Ya dig?

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  1. 04-10-09 10:41 am

    I kind of really really love that you referenced Ace Ventura.

  2. Jason permalink
    04-10-09 11:23 am

    Where can I buy a greeting card?

  3. InTheHand permalink
    04-13-09 8:39 pm

    I worked at a Harley Dealer for some years, and a lot of the guys that frequented it were like those weenies in “Wild Hogs.” Blargh. Just be sure if you’re going to ride “bitch” you get on the bike of the one in 20 harley dudes who is actually hot.

    Hellbent for Leather,

    some stranger

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