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I always knew I would make a good spy.

Remember how fun it was when you were little to spy on someone? Your heart would race and sometimes you’d pee your pants? Ok maybe that was just me. But the point remains, it’s fun to spy.

As I continue to get writing assignments and projects, my brain has started to take in everything around me and program it into a column or article.  I find the the better observer I become, the better the material for my pieces. As is such, I find myself  doing things like turning my ipod off to listen in on conversations around me. Creepy? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely.

Just yesterday at Starbucks, working on my first assignment for Red, I happened to be spying on an interesting interview that was taking place. The key phrases I could pick up were :

Steak outs

Dream job


and she kept saying Paparazzi-ahhh. Like it was a fancier way of pronouncing it.

I was a few moments away from stepping in and asking if I could interview as well when I heard the words “internship” and “unpaid”. I promtly sat back down and sighed. Some things are just too good to be true. But man, a steakout intern? That’d look sweet on a business card.

Frankie Munez made a terrible spy even for a kid,


Listening to: My PC run a “disk cleanup”. Who wants to click on that lil paypal button and help momma buy a new computer?!?!?

On my mind: Is it just me or is “Cherry Dr. Pepper” redundant?

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