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3 Things I discovered today while waiting tablez:

1. 3 Jalapenos in the restroom. How did they get there? Why would someone bring raw Jalapenos to the bathroom? My reaction? I pulled a U.S. Military: don’t ask, don’t tell.

2. There’s a difference between being a lady and being a lady who works in a restaurant. As many of you can attest, waiters don’t have the cleanest mouths. Two dude waiters were having an especially foul conversation near me and I said, “Hey, watch your mouth, I’m a lady.” Dude 1 responds without batting an eye, “Well now you’re a lady who works in a restaurant.” Check please, seriously.

3.  His shoes will not slip, for real.  I heard one of the waiters brag about his slip-resistant shoes for about 10 minutes. It was going on long enough that I left the kitchen, took an order, refilled some Iced Tea and when I came back he was saying, “But it’s an impossibility for me to slip with these things. They refuse to slip. They’re awesome.” Oh dear. It’s the little things isn’t it?


Coco Jambo,


Listening to: The freezing rain hit the windows. Yay for Chicago spring. And by ‘Yay’ I mean COME ON!!!

On my mind: Just saw a commercial for a grocery store called “Strack and Van Til”. Their catch phrase is “It’s a Strack and Van Til Thing”. Sure, easy for you to say.

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  1. Leaf permalink
    04-06-09 3:16 pm

    Waiter shoes + wet/greasy kitchen floor = hilarious disaster regardless of how supposedly grippy said waiter shoe is.

    I ran long distance for years in my educational upbringing with nary a groin pull. But I did manage to pull it slipping on a greasy, wet, kitchen floor.

    There was something slightly erotic about that sentence wasn’t there.

    Regardless, I almost did the splits, and I didn’t drop my tray of whatever delicious meals I was rushing out of the kitchen with.

    It was an amazing, horrific experience. (I got better.)

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