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That About Sums it Up


Tonight, whilst serving the masses at Juanitas, I overheard one of my managers say something to the busboys that basically summarizes my last 8 months of temp work:

“I really need you to look busy”

Timeless, ageless, beautiful advice.

Listening to: The Friday Night Lights theme song. I may or may not have watched 5 episodes last night. I’m trying to catch up, ok?

On my mind: I waited on a guy who looks exactly like Jasper from Twilight. I was putting on my best flirt (its hard to do when you’re wearing a tie) until I heard him say “Ooh he is SO cute”. April fools on me.

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  1. 04-02-09 10:51 am

    OH. MY. GOSH. Biggest pet peeve EVER!!!!!! If I’m done with my work, I don’t want to look busy. I want to sit here and surf the internet or read a magazine until you have something legitimate for me to do. KTHXBYE.

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