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Biggest Fan


My mom has long been my #1 fan. Of life. She’s the woman who laughs at all my jokes, loves all of my ideas, and urges me to pursue my dreamz.

So you can imagine my excitement this week in updating her about my news. Her reaction was perfect: a bunch of “wooo hooo” screams, saying my full name a few times, and repeating “Praise the Lord”. All very standard and wonderful. Then, she dropped a bomb.

“I’ll have to dig out all of your childhood writings. Soon they’ll be worth a fortune.”

I laughed out loud, then called her a gold digger.

In other news, if anyone is interested in buying a play I wrote in spanish at age 11, check ebay. She’s selling it for 12 grand.

Never say Never,


Listening to: my to-do list ringing in my ears

On my mind:  I wore the same red top to all 3 of my “interviews” this week. Boom boom and boom. I’m never taking it off.

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  1. WildThang permalink
    03-31-09 1:53 pm

    I think you need to update your fans with all the good news. Red is a power color you know.

  2. Cheryl permalink
    03-31-09 2:35 pm

    Yes, Yes, we want to know your good news!!!! share, share…why does it fee like I’m repeating myself? Why?

  3. Mlongo permalink
    04-02-09 8:35 am

    hahah YES! Mindy rocks. I’d pay a pretty penny for those childhood writings.

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