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Online Resume Tips


Thanks to my friend Dave, who found this resume on youtube (and suggested him as a potential suitor for my roommate), I am now kicking myself for not having this awesome of a list of strengths and weaknesses to provide in interviews.

Tom’s Strengths:

  • I work quietly
  • I help community children learn to swim
  • I took drama in high school
  • I once stayed in the office  for 3 days straight
  • I have great phone skills
  • I can run a quarter mile in 2 minutes
  • I once helped a blind man move
  • I have 3 sisters
  • Some say 13 is unlucky, but 13 is my favorite number
  • I bring my own pens to work
  • I have my GED and associate arts degree; I’m a real go getter
  • My dad’s an alcoholic
  • I knit and crochet; I made this tie

Tom’s Weaknesses

  • I have too many cats


Future so bright I need shades,


Listening to: CSI: The Musical

On my mind: What song is worse to have in your head: Jenny from the Block or Men in Black?

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  1. 03-29-09 4:55 am

    thanks for the info;))

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