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A Lesson in Saving$


If I was not underemployed and living in the most overpacked city in the world, I would probably buy a car. And knowing me I would probably be swayed by cool car commercials.

Lucky for me (and my bank account) Illinois has none.

The “largest Mazda dealer in IL” happens to be called the Autobarn. Strike one. I will buy a horse from a barn, or maybe even some homemade jam. But a car? No sir.

Strike 2 and Strike 3 are easily the two words they coined for their upcoming sale:

Save-a-bracion and, my personal favorite, Save-a-licious.

I’m sorry, Autobarn. You’re out.

I like to picture an old car salesman whose daughter watches Gossip Girl coming up with the second one. But hey, that’s just me.

Here’s to IL, fake words, public transpo and Mazda Miatas,


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  1. Ben permalink
    03-26-09 2:34 pm


    I imagine that things are pretty depressing at the old Autobarn these days. No one is buying cars right now. Maybe they should consider actually getting into the homemade jam market as well. Kind of like a Baker’s Square thing… “The Autobarn – Buy two jars of jam and get a free Miata!” Hmm.

    In other news, when I was 16 I used to hope I could one day own my own Miata. That was when I was young and innocent and before the Miata became the signature car of gay men and middle-aged women. I might still get one someday, if my Corolla ever dies. Or if I decide to go gay or become a middle-aged women. Whichever comes first I guess.

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