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What If I Can’t?


See full size imageThat is an expression I often scream in the middle of a Chicago winter when I’m outside.  And now I’m applying it to my job life.

What if I can’t?

After my first official non-training shift yesterday, I already wanna quit. Maybe I’ve gotten into the habit of quitting, or what if that’s all I’m good at? Maybe I will go on to set a record for number of jobs quit in a calendar year. A career in quitting? Kind of blows your mind doesn’t it.

In order to cheer myself up, I looked up famous quitters in history. Yes, I really did this and I’d like to share a few of my favs:

  • King Edward VIII was only on the throne for one year in 1936 when he quit and gave up his throne to his brother so he could pursue a relationship with an American Divorcee. If I could find a man that my boss hated, I’d quit for love.
  • Jerry Seinfeld walked away from his hit TV show in 1998 when he was still on top. Since then he has…umm…well..there was that one commercial where he…errr…crap.
  • Michael Jordan quit the sport of basketball only to stage his own comeback two years later. Maybe I can do this and dramatically pop back on the scene at one of my temping  jobs. Nope, not quite as glamorous, dangit.
  • Smokers give quitting a good name. They say more than 46 million Americans have quit smoking for good. And they get cool things like gum and arm patches to help them quit. Me? I did it cold turkey.

Well that’s just a few of the best quitters in the world. Perhaps someday I’ll make the list. A girl can dream.

I wish I knew how to quit you,


Listening to: Jesse McCartney’s new hit. I dare you to listen to it and not dance.

On my mind: My favorite cookie is fudge sticks. You know..those old keebler cookies that are like chocolate covered wafers. I may or may not have blown through an entire box this weekend. Shhhh.

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  1. Hanna permalink
    03-23-09 1:43 pm

    Another quitter to note is Brett Favre. Who quit in front of a press conference with tears, only to come back, be hated by all of Green Bay for going to New York and after a dismal performance with the Jets, he told all that he is, in fact, quitting for reals.

  2. Emma permalink
    03-23-09 2:25 pm

    You mean TWO boxes… don’t you?

  3. WildThang permalink
    03-23-09 3:20 pm

    U quoted one of my favorite movies… 🙂

  4. 03-23-09 10:13 pm

    As my dad said about my current job when I told him I hated it. “Give it a good 6 months, then decide if you want to quit.”

    But then by 6 months in my soul was already crushed and here I am 4 years later, still working in the same office.

    There may or may not have been relevant advice in that story.

    Waiting tables can get crazy – but it is definitely a job that requires time to adjust. You’ll find your groove I promise.

  5. Maggie permalink
    03-24-09 7:05 am

    I am enjoying your training stories. I too am in training, at the deli at Target. I was an interior designer for the last five years…but got let go. Last night I was all on my own! Crazy! I worked harder last night than I ever did at my office job.

    I need you to keep going so I can have inspiration to keep on going!

  6. fulmcuz permalink
    03-24-09 2:56 pm

    I believe good ol’ Monty Python has a good saying for this situation:

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