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Do I Look Hungry?


Don’t answer that.

Apparantly when people see me all they see is a sweet tooth…or a chubby 7th grade boy.

Hungry Hungry HipposLet me explain. At my very first temp job, Promo Palace, my boss would walk by my desk and silently hand me starbursts. Then at the next one, Weird Science, I found an unmarked bag of tootsie rolls on my desk. Then at Real Estate my cubemate would toss gummy bears over the cube divider at least thrice a week. NOW I have a waiter approach me, pull M&Ms out of his wait apron and offer them to me.

Ok time out. I am new here, we havent really spoken, and you’re offering me candy? I mean, their assumptions are right, I do love me some sugar, but how do they know just by looking at me?! I said “My mom taught me not to take candy from strangers”, hoping he’d laugh but he kind of just mumbled “ok..” and walked away.

I’m really good at making friends. And scoring candy without asking for it.

Rockchalk Jayhawk,


Listening to: Gene Kelly croon

On my mind: Tonight I am drinking beer out of a boot.

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