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Totally Certified


Of all of the things I will hang on the wall of my rich mahogany study someday, the certification I earned today will not be one of them.

I, Bob Loblaw, am officially rice and bean certified.

This is not a joke.

I had an evaluation. I performed. I passed. I was then told, “Congratulations you are rice and bean certified.”

If I cared about my resume still, I’d add that under “awards and honors”.

Day 2 of training has truly been that: an award and an honor.


Working on my Spanish with the busboys,

Don’t be offended by that,


Listening to:One of the cooks call me “La polla” to my manager. He says it translates into “Hen”. He must have meant “sexy, tie-wearing hen”. But still…hen? Like mother chicken?

On my mind: I tried frog legs today. And quail. And yes, this is a mexican restaurant.

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  1. Derek Z permalink
    03-18-09 12:46 pm

    I really enjoy the new post subjects, but truly going to miss the scoop and rants on office behavior. Maybe you should still temp once in a while to keep the flow.

  2. Jacob permalink
    03-18-09 1:41 pm

    Werd, Mr. Z. I mean, I’m all about a girl embracing her dreams and moving on to bigger and better things — it’s the feminist in me — but I’m going to miss the near daily reminders than I am not alone in office hell.

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