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The Whole Gang’s Here


Day 1, folks.

Turns out the restaurant biz has not changed at all since I last visited it in 2005. It’s almost like I pulled my favorite Zach Morris ‘Time Out’ move, had 3 years of miserable office life, and ‘timed in’ to find that everything is exactly as I left it.

All of the characters are still there. The whole gang:

  • 39 year old bartender who has worked there for 15+ years and walks around like he owns the joint
  • Sassy manager who butts heads with the “takes himself too seriously” manager
  • Territorial chick head waitress
  • Class clown waiter (who told me “I’ll miss you” when I left for the day)
  • Artsy/Dorky waitress who really loves wearing the tie and orthopedic shoes
  • “At my old restaurant….” waiter who constantly refers back to his glory days
  • The Upseller. The only guy who could sell frog legs at a mexican restaurant.

They were all there. Waiting for me. And I embraced them.

Economy on the Rocks, no salt,


Listening to: A conversation replay in my head from earlier today. “Since tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day, feel free to wear a holiday themed tie”. Um…what makes them think I have a closet full of ties?

On my mind:  Just when I think I’ve made a huge mistake, I get an email from a Web Site about contributing. Sanity maintained….for now.

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  1. Tim permalink
    03-17-09 2:20 pm

    I’m very happy I was able to be a part of your inaugural day back in the restaurant biz.

    You looked HOTT in your little get-up.

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