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Bargains to Blame


Town drunks in London are in an uproar as Government Medical Advisor makes a call for an increase in prices on alcohol in order to curb excessive consumption.

Cheif Medical Officer Liam Donaldson stated that cheap booze is destroying quality of life across the country and causing public health costs to skyrocket. His new pricing strategy includes a minimum price for wine, liquor and a 6 pack of beer.

When asked to comment on the topic, local binge drinker, Clelland Hughs said, “Sounds like a dodgy move by the Bobby if you ask me.” He followed by raising an eyebrow, hiccuping and slurring the word “Blimey”.

Local Bartender Nick Hornsby challenged the proposal by saying “Send that cheeky buggar over here and I’ll bloody deal with him.”

If Prime Minister Gordan Brown approves this proposal, he could be facing a revolt the likes of which haven’t been seen since my mom took away my TV privileges in 1994.


**The staff of BLJB in no way condones or promotes excessive alcohol consumption. Or talking like a Brit.

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