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Underemployed Announcement


Hold onto your hats and keep your pants on, people. I have an announcement.

I have officially retired my ‘Temp’ hat.

No, I did not find a permanent 9-5 (I haven’t looked for one of those since December ’08). And no I didn’t get a book deal (yet), and no I’m not turning to street performing (still fine tuning my repertoire).

In order to fully pursue writing, and until I can get paid for it (I wonder what that feels like!?), I have resigned from temporary office employment. From here on out I am no longer “Temp”, I am “Odd Job Bob”.

I have several things lined up…from research assistant to dog walker… but the one that will most likely be the most lucrative, humbling and hilarious is….you guessed it…waiting tables.

As humbling as it can be to walk away from a “career” and into a more…well…laid-back lifestyle, I’m truly looking forward to the varied schedule, the change of pace and the freedom and time to do what I really love.

Ok wow that was way too serious for BLJB.

Anyway, do not fear. There will still be daily reports of the ridiculousness of my “professional” endeavors and mishaps, I will still be full of awkward moments and run-ins and I am still planning on sharing all of it with ya’ll. (How annoying is it for me as a northerner to use ‘ya’ll’ ?) I am told I have crossed over from ‘unemployed’ to ‘underemployed’. High five for me.

So. Thursday was officially my last day as a temp. I walked out of the doors of the office and shook the dust off my boots.


I am looking forward to where life leads me next. Hanging onto the faith that has gotten me through every moment since August.

Here’s to tomorrow. Stay tuned,


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  1. Ben permalink
    03-16-09 8:52 am

    Hey Congrats!

    Before I entered the corporate world I was a singing waiter, no joke. Strangely enough, the restaurant I worked at completely shut down and was bulldozed within 6 months of when I quit. Coincidence? I think not.

    I do sometimes miss the life of a waiter, though. There will be plenty of fodder for BLJB in that profession for you however; because as we know – people are crazy!

    Good luck to you! That book deal is coming. Just keep doing your thing!

    Because it takes diff’rent strokes to move the world, yes it does.

  2. 03-16-09 9:33 am

    Congrats! I think it takes courage to quit what you are doing and try to move towards what makes you happy! I am doing similar venture – I wish us both luck! Can’t wait to see what you encounter in the days, weeks, and months to come!

  3. Cheryl permalink
    03-16-09 9:50 am

    On To Better Things!!!!!!!

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