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Got a Package People!


Well the last 2 days have been light versions of hell. Hell Lite, if you will.

The receptionist called in sick monday and tuesday so guess who had to man the front battle station? Good ‘ol trusty temp.

This means I not only had to do all of my normal duties but also answering phones, distributing mail, and being the “face of the office” as one guy put it yesterday. Cue: douche chill.

I was handling it fine until one guy walked in who had just gotten a package delivered. I was excited bc this meant I wouldnt have to traipse around to find his desk and deliver it. It was just a small parcel, but still. Without even thinking, I said to him, “Hey, you’ve got a small package.”

I wish I was kidding.

Luckily he is a quirky little man who brings vegan chocolate to work so he responded with good humor. “How dare you imply such a thing!?”

I don’t think I’ve blushed that much since the Potbelly sandwich guy asked me if I was dining alone. I stammered, “Oh my gosh.” and we both got a good laugh about it.

Later in the day he walked by and quietly said, “I’m still offended by your presumption by the way.”

Thank the good Lord that my indecent statement was to the hippie vegan and not the british VP.

2 more days till blast off,


Listening to: People ask me why I’m in sandals and why I’m limping. Maybe I stubbed my toe and it hurts so much I can’t put on a real shoe and maybe I didn’t realize it was 28 degrees today. Ok?!?!

On my mind: Has anyone out there cried at their own party and then said “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” ?

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