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Economy Experiencing Wile E. Coyote Syndrome


In an interview yesterday on CNBC regarding the current economic turmoil, investor Warren Buffet said that the economy had “fallen off of a cliff”.  He later described the economy as having been squashed by an anvil into an accordian-like shape and then flattened into a pancake by a steamroller.

Roadrunner was unavailable for comment.

Touched by an angel,


Listening to: The phone ringing. I’m covering for the receptionist today. Serenity now!

On my mind: Give me back that filet o fish, give me that fish.

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  1. 03-09-09 11:07 am

    so funny that y9ou bring up the filet o fish tune. my roommate was singing it all weekend becuase it was stuck in her head. it was a fun weekend…

  2. 03-09-09 7:23 pm

    I am laughing so hysterically because of the filet o fish song. It is in my head all.the.time.
    In fact, I just got done singing it. SO annoying yet so catchy.

  3. Ben permalink
    03-10-09 8:42 am

    I know that when prominent-investor-guys say things like the economy fell off a cliff, it really boosts my consumer confidence.

    I’ve never had a filet-o-fish before, but I can feel the hype tugging at my curiosity.

    No fear!

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